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Sanitary recommendations – ENERGETAB 2021


The ENERGETAB 2021 grounds is a huge exhibition area, covering approx. 4 ha. Tent pavilions and outdoor stands are evenly distributed throughout the whole area. This allows for assuring distances between visitors greater than in the case of permanent halls. This significantly increases the safety of all participants of the fair: Exhibitors, Visitors and Staff.

1. Separate communication routes for event participants – one for visitors entering the fair area, the other for exiting visitors.
2. Obligatory online registration of all participants of the fair in order to obtain data of persons staying at the fair.
3. Non-contact form of verification of admission documents in the entry areas.
4. Measurement of body temperature at the entrance to the trade fair area.
5. Dedicated queue zones to enter the fairgrounds in the form of lines, stickers, boards indicating directions so that the distance between people is a minimum of 1,5 m.
6. Use of a visitors counting system to verify the number of people present at the fair area.
7. Verification that everyone entering the fair wears a face mask has disinfected.

1. Widening of passageways between exhibition stands to a minimum width of 3 meters.
2. Possibility of purchasing face masks in at least one outlet in the fair facility.
3. Placing disinfectant containers with instructions on how to correctly disinfect hands at all entrances.

1. Limiting the number of customer service points to the necessary minimum by moving the widest possible range of services online.
2. Fitting customer service points with Plexiglas covers.
3. Safe queue areas to the customer service points, where the waiting people will be distanced from each other by a minimum of 1,5 meters. Designation of places (using tapes, posts or stickers on the floor) for the waiting people at a distance of 1,5 meters from the operator.
4. Disinfection of the reception desk surface and payment terminals at least every hour.

1. Assembly and disassembly of stands in accordance with the security principles applicable to builders and suppliers (in accordance with current regulations and recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate).
2. Exhibitors are required to provide appropriate personal protection equipment for staff and disinfectants at their stands.
3. As far as possible, materials for guests and visitors should only be available online (on screens, in the form of files).

Catering stands (including the restaurant) will operate in accordance with the current safety rules applicable for this type of facilities.

1. Ensuring the sufficient number of hand hygiene equipment at the places where trade fair participants are present.
2. Regular cleaning (at least every 2 hours) and disinfection of frequently touched infrastructure elements: door handles, handrails, railings, worktops using disinfectants.
3. Garbage and waste will be stored in closed containers, regularly cleaned and disinfected.
4. Rooms to be ventilated regularly.
5. Providing liquid soap, disposable paper towels in all toilets. Regular check of the status of the cleaning products in toilets and the condition of the toilets themselves and the introduction of control sheets to record the frequency of service every hour.
6. Daily disinfection of trade fair facilities.

1. Introducing a limit on the number of people simultaneously present in pavilions, i.e. 1 person per 10 m2.
2. Ensuring the presence of a medical team at the fairgrounds during the event.
3. Training of staff handling the fair event in the scope of sanitary regime and safety during the participants’ stay at the fairgrounds.
4. Introduction of special procedures for trade fair staff, consisting of daily epidemiological interviews, including body temperature measurement and equipping employees with appropriate personal protective equipment (face masks).
5. Placement of educational materials in visible places (in the form of posters, banners on screens or instructional films) on hand hygiene and behavior when sneezing or coughing (toilets, customer service points, entrance areas) and on maintaining a proper distance with other people and avoiding handshakes.
6. Broadcasting messages (public address system, large screens) about sanitary recommendations applicable during the trade fair event.
7. Launching an emergency telephone number available during trade fairs, marking information about this number and when to use available in visible places.
8. If COVID-19 infection is suspected in a person who was present at the fairgrounds, procedures defined by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate will be implemented.