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Important deadlines


  • Deadline for sending the company logo to the catalog


  • If cancellation notice has been received after this date the advance payments shall not be reimbursed


  • By this day the Exhibitors may change their mind and decide to set up the booth on their own instead of using the Organizers’ set-up


  • After this date orders for additional set-up / fixtures and technical equipment (power supply, water and Internet hookups) shall be carried out only when possible. Orders received after this date shall be carried out only when possible


  • Deadline for sending the booth layout with the location of power, water, sewer, and Internet hookups and any additional fixtures when the standard booth set-up is made by the Organizer


  • If the Exhibitor wishes to construct a temporary structure on the outdoor rental space (as defined in the construction law) he/she must submit respective documentation and obtain the approval of the Fair Office by this date

By this day the Exhibitors or their authorized Contractors shall provide following information:

  •  for the booths within the standard height of 2,5m – booth layout with specifying the location of technical equipment and specifications of the materials used
  • for booths higher than 2.5m – a floor plan showing the location of the electric control board and water hookup (if any), and a vertical cross-section showing the height of every item. The design must also include basic description and specification of the materials used
  • for one-story booths – booth fitting design (as per item 2.1/b), and additionally, a sketch of the structure with the structural elements, including with their type, cross-section, dimensions indicated, in Polish, should be sent. The documentation should be approved by persons who have construction qualifications for design of building structures; the design should be accompanied by the designer’s statement that the design was prepared in accordance with the regulations and principles of engineering practice, with copies of relevant construction permits, and a certificate the professional chamber membership. d) For outdoor booths – see provisions in sections 2.1


  • Deadline for the catalogue advertisement submission


  • Deadline for making the 2nd payment (the remaining portion of the fee)


  • If cancellation is made after this date, Exhibitor shall pay a full fee for fair participation and any services ordered, as calculated on page 7 of the “Application – Agreement” form

13.09.2021 till 9 a.m.

  • All the booth set-up work must be completed 24 hours prior to the opening of the Fair at the latest


  • Organizers shall arrange security for the entire fair grounds outside visiting hours, i.e. from 8 p.m. on September 13, 2021, to 8 p.m. on September 16, 2021


  • Booths should be dismantled and exhibits removed within 24 hours of closing the Fair


  • In the event the booth is not set up by Organizers, it should be dismantled within 48 hours after closing the Fair.