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The competition of the Energetab

We would like to encourage exhibitors to submit their latest the most remarkable products (devices, apparatuses, equipment, techniques and software) used in electric power engineering to the competition for the particularly outstanding products presented at the ENERGETAB 2023 fair.
As a result of the evaluation procedure carried out by the Competition Committee a product submitted for the Competition may be presented one of the following awards:

  • The Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association Cup,
  • Statue founded by the Mayor of Bielsko-Biała City,
  • The President of the Polish Electricians Association Medal,
  • Gold Medal of PSE S.A.,
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze ENERGETAB 2023 Medals,
  • “Kazimierz Szpotański’s Golden Lion”,
  • Cup funded by the Chamber of Commerce for Energy and Environmental Protection,
  • Statue “Złoty Volt” founded by the PIGE,
  • Statue founded by the PSBE,
  • Cup funded by the Silesian District Chamber of Civil Engineers,
  • Honourable Commendations ENERGETAB 2023.

The deadline for application is 19th August 2023

The descriptions of the products which are recommended to be awarded “The President of the Polish Electricians Association Medal” must be submitted on a separate form “Application for the President of the Polish Electricians Association Medal” and a separate application fee to the account of the SEP.
The decision of the Competition Committee will be announced on the first day of the fair from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Download appendix:

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• The rules of the competition
• Submission of the product to the competition form
• Information clause