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Interesting events at the ENERGETAB 2019 Fair.

The ENERGETAB fair, organized for over 30 years by ZIAD Bielsko-Biała SA, is Poland’s largest international exhibition of modern equipment and technologies for power industry. The range of products and technologies presented at the Fair is very wide.

As in previous years, this edition of the Fair was dominated by the equipment and apparatus used for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity from low to the highest voltage. However, many “open air” stands also featured machines, devices and vehicles used during the construction and inspection of overhead or cable lines.

For the first time during the Energetab, the Fair was accompanied by demonstrations of the practical application of innovative tools and technologies on the premises of the ZIAD Training Center.

The automation and industrial electronics, with the suppliers of measuring equipment, harmonic filters, reactive power compensation devices, stabilized power supplies, drive regulators with various power levels as well as devices monitoring the quality of supplied energy, were also strongly represented at the Fair.

It seems that there is a dominant tendency to transform most of these apparatus into “smart” devices. This tendency is not just about adding a fashionable term to the device name but equipping them with elements that enable their communication with the operating personnel as well as communication between the devices themselves, thus creating the so-called ‘Internet of things’ (IoT). Because the power system is part of the critical infrastructure of every country, potential buyers of these “smart” devices must be assured of the appropriate level of cybersecurity of these devices and networks before using them in the power industry sector. The importance of this issue was evidenced by the appearance of exhibitors at the Fair who offered sophisticated devices for “secure” data transmission systems, whose efficiency has often been already verified in military systems.

For a number of years, many manufacturers and suppliers from the lighting industry have made their presence at the Bielsko-Biała fair, showcasing light sources (predominantly LEDs) as well as fixtures and poles. There were also many representatives of the renewable energy industry, most of whom were suppliers of solar panels and control and protection systems.

Electric car charging stations were another “fashionable” product segment. They included a “modest” charging point, located in the composite lighting pole of the ALUMAST company (rewarded with a beautiful statuette by the President of Bielsko-Biała) as well as stations with higher power intended for quick charging. The Exhibitors often connected electric cars to these stations and in this way the ENERGETAB 2019 Fair has unintentionally become an exhibition of electric cars available on the market (none of which, unfortunately, has been produced in Poland).

The Bielsko-Biała ENERGETAB Fair has certainly become a mature trade fair event with a large group of regular exhibitors and visitors, so it is also a great place to promote and build the company’s image. Over 50 companies have submitted their products to the competition for the most remarkable product exhibited at the fair.

The Competition Jury decided to award the Energy Minister’s Cup to the “Outdoor disconnector RPZ-24 presented by the Institute of Power Engineering, Experimental Plant in Białystok” RPZ-24 is a vacuum insulated pole mounted switch disconnector designed for overhead line installations up to 24 kV and 800 A. This outdoor switch disconnector is suitable for both remote control and manual operation, with excellent load breaking and fault making capacity. The PTPiREE’s Cup was awarded to the “Pylon project – catalog of lattice towers for 110 kV lines” presented by ENERGA INVEST, and the Gold Medal of PSE S.A. was awarded to “ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for the switchgear SWICOM.

The Gold Medal of PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A was awarded to “SPS – Smart Power Station” presented by ZPUE S.A. Due to space limitation, we encourage you to read the full list of the awarded products on the Fair’s website.

The Fair was accompanied by conferences and seminars organized by chambers and industry associations as well as company presentations. Numerous power industry professionals from all over Poland gathered at the workshops organized by PTPiREE, where the main topic was implementation of grid codes in the TSO and DSO.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP), which was celebrated this year, the Bielsko-Biała Branch of SEP invited all the guests to their jubilee conference, which hosted a historical presentation as well as papers related to the upcoming transformations in power industry.

The main theme of the conference held on the second day of the Fair was the quality of products and works deliveries in the implementation of power network investments. The conference was organized by ZIAD together with the partners of the trade fair (PSE, TAURON Dystrybucja, Instytut Energetyki, SEP).

Moreover, the purpose of a parallel conference, organized by the Electrical Equipment Manufacturers’ Section (SPAE) at the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT) together with PIGE, Pollighting and SHE, was to draw the attention of market participants to threats to the health and property of electrical installation users that result from the installation of devices that do not meet standard technical requirements and declared parameters. There were also many interesting presentations organized by the exhibitors, which aimed at showcasing the latest devices for protective testing or network diagnostics, methods of improving energy efficiency, intelligent city lighting, etc.

The space limitation does not allow for a wider presentation of the products from all the 724 exhibitors from 24 European, Asian and North American countries, whose stands occupied almost 50 000 sq. yd. of exhibition grounds, charmingly located at the foot of the Dębowiec and Szyndzielnia mountains.

Thanking all participants for such a large participation in this year’s successful fair, ZIAD Bielsko-Biała invites exhibitors and visitors to participate in the next, 33th edition of the ENERGETAB fair, on September 15-17, 2020.

More information about ENERGETAB 2019, including a full list of products and companies awarded by the competition committee and the photo gallery, can be found at www.energetab.pl.

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