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Important information for the booth builders

  • Prior to starting erection, Exhibitor / Set-up Contractor shall post a deposit of 175 € per booth, as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions for ENERGETAB 2019 Exhibitors section 3.8.
    (Bank count for paying the fee: mBank 70 1140 1049 0000 3306 3300 1014 SWIFT BREXPLPWBIB)
  • Prior to starting work, Set-up Contractor shall report to the Fair Office to:
    • Register its compan
    • Pick up a Booth Erection badge
    • Pick up car passes
    • Draw up an exhibition space acceptance report together with a representative of the Fair Office.
  • Set-up Contractor personnel shall always carry their Booth Erection badges at work. Car passes shall be clearly displayed on the car windshield.

Set-up sub-constractor declaration 

Set-up sub-constractor declaration – editable