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Agreement forms

To get forms you should install  Adobe Reader 

Please save the Application-Agreement Form on your PC to fill it in correctly (use button: „save us…”). The Form opened and filled directly on the Internet browser may be incorrect.

Printed and signed originals of Application – Agreement forms (filled pages only) please send by post: Biuro Targów, ZIAD Bielsko-Biała SA, al. Armii Krajowej 220, 43-316 Bielsko-Biała Poland, e-mail: wystawa@ziad.bielsko.pl or by fax +48 33 8142231

The registration fee shall cover: parking cards (passenger cars only): 1 – per booth to 15 m2 , 2 – per booth to 50 m2 , 3 – per booth above 50 m2 ; Exhibitor catalogue information, a printed Fair catalogue, to 5 ID badges for booth service, access to Organizer’s selected electronic graphics (Fair vignette, logo, banner) and electronic invitation, company information in the Fair materials, Exhibitor liability insurance, and administrative expenses.

  • Application – Agreement All
 Send  e-mail to:  wystawa@energetab.pl  Send  e-mail to:  wystawa@energetab.pl
  • exibit space order (1/13)
 Send  e-mail to:  wystawa@energetab.pl  Send  e-mail to:  wystawa@energetab.pl
  • booth construction order (2/13)
  • arrangment of the booth (3/13)
  • standard plus booth (4/13)
  • premium booth (5/13)
  • fair external pavilion (6/13)
  • technical equipment order (7/13)
  • advertisements and other orders (8/13)
  • fair catalogue – exhibitor (9/13)
  • fair catalogue co-exhibitor (10/13)
  • fair catalogue – represented companies (11/13)
  • forwarding services (12/13)
  • summary (13/13)
 Send  e-mail to:  wystawa@energetab.pl  Send  e-mail to:  wystawa@energetab.pl
  • technical and fire protection regulations
  • terms and conditions
  • information clause
  • appendix A (please fill in case of another correspondence)
  • appendix B (list of product groups)
  • appendix P (payer)
  • example of the catalogue entry